The Golfe of Morbihan (small sea)


Welcome to Paradise : many various birds, many islands (Arz, Gavrinis, Berder, Ile aux Moines …), festivities, festivals, music, nice people ….. All around the small sea, you can go hiking on beautiful paths for about 100 km.
Do you like history ? Middle Age old cities, ancient stones (megaliths) , castels in Suscinio and Sarzeau ….
Take your time to visit everything.

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The Quiberon Bay


You like nature and escape.
Exceptional landscapes : coast paths, white sand beaches, protected sand-hills, granite cliffs …
You like nautical sports.
Sailing, surf, kite surf …. can be practiced.
You like magic and heritage.
Megaliths sites invite you to discover the legends and mysteries of the Neolithic civilizations.
You like French and Breton cuisine.
Enjoy the large variety of sea food, fish, cakes, biscuits and sweets ….
You like to relax.
Thalassotherapy centers, massages, sea beauty products …. will offer your body a marvellous wellbeing.
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Living area
Rest area
Wellness area
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